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Single source of evidence-based, digital content

Our system is used by healthcare professionals to provide clinically-approved information and guidance on women’s and children’s health.

For further details please refer to the following pages –

Targeted information accessed the way that individuals want it –

1. Content Management

Healthcare Professional selects bundled or specific information based upon patient needs, agreed clinical pathways and required access

2. Digital Library

Local information / leaflets can be added by the service provider to the existing 1000 articles / videos. Additional library categories can be added; for example Menopause

3. iOS or Android App - eCare Web Portal

Information is published to an App or the eCare Web Portal and automated notifications are issued via text or the app. Both can be traded for the service provider

4. Phone - Tablet - Desktop

Patients securely access information through the most convenient media

5. Tracking Analysis

User tracking is available to Healthcare Professionals to ensure that relevant information is being read. Aggregated data is available