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Please see our help section below or contact us on [email protected] if this does not answer your question.

What is the Content Library

The Content Library is a comprehensive range of articles and videos from world renowned medical, parenting and educational experts.

The content library contains a lovely collection of time relevant articles and videos from the Essential Parent library. These articles provide expert guidance for you through from conception to the birth of your baby and beyond until your child is 19 years old.

What content is available?

The Essential Parent library includes information on:

  • Conception
  • Pregnancy and birth information
  • Baby care 0-1
  • Toddler care 1-3
  • Child care 3-12
  • Teen care 13-19

What is eCare?

eCare is Essential Parent’s a digital tech delivery system from our library of information made for parents, running from conception all the way to the teenage years. Health professionals can select and deliver tailored content to parents after their appointments.

As a parent you will receive bespoke bundles of content via email or text and you will register an account, so you can have access to all the information you have been sent.

How do I access eCare?

Your health team will send you a link to your information and eCare will ask you to register with a username and password so that you can access the information you have been sent and browse the digital library. If you add your mobile number to your account, you will be able to receive information from your health team via text (SMS).

Can I reset my login or password for eCare?

Yes, you can request a password reset on the login page. It will be sent to the email address that we have on record for you.

I have been sent an eCare invite but can’t access my account?

If you already have an account you can ask for a password reset by emailing at Essential Parent direct – [email protected] for more help.

I can’t get the videos to play?

Please ensure all browsers are up to date, to be able to view the video content.

Please note Internet Explorer is no longer updated and Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are recommended for viewing.

Both are downloadable from their websites for free.

If you are still having issues, then please do emailing us at Essential Parent direct – [email protected] for more help.

How do I delete my account?

If you would like your account deleting, please complete the Delete Account form by clicking on the link below and your account will be deleted within 7 days – https://essentialparent.com/delete-account