Essential Parent provides local authorities involved in the Government’s Family Hubs and Start for Life initiative* a digital library and eDelivery system which can meet all of the requirements of the programme, as outlined below.

The expectations for a Family Hub offering include in-person and digital provision in:

  • Parenting support;

  • Parent–infant relationships and perinatal mental health support;

  • Early language and the HLE; and

  • Infant feeding

How Essential Parent can meet the digital requirements for you:

  • Essential Parent’s library and delivery system allows a Local Authority to provide information on all the required subjects listed above, as well as the more detailed breakdown of requirements as outlined by the Programme

  • This will include provision from our library of generic information, and from your own locally tailored content, including links, articles, videos, podcasts and so on

  • We can provide both automated pathways of information for all parents of children 0-19 years; and manual delivery of bespoke bundles of information for individual parents

  • All the information provided goes directly to a parent’s phone as a text or push notification

  • This means that parents receive a small curated bundle of information from a trusted local team at the right time

  • Parents don’t need to seek out the information independently which removes a barrier for parents who may not feel confident using the internet or apps to find information

  • This blended approach to providing information means that parents feel supported by trusted practitioners and professionals

  • NHS Evaluations of our system show a reduction in inequalities of access caused by language, ethnicity and deprivation

  • Video content is very visually led, and by early 2024, will be instantly translatable into 75 languages

  • All the content is evidence based and expert led. Our content providers include groups like UNICEF UK Baby Friendly, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Royal College of Obs and Gyns, the Samaritans, the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, the British Association of Paediatric Dentistry, and many more

  • Please see details of our content here, and information about our expert partners here 

  • Our content is made by a team formerly from the BBC Science Department

  • Data analytics record all deliveries of information, and/ or usage and engagement on the app

  • Please click HERE to download an excellent NHS/ AHSN Evaluation of Essential Parent done in Greater Manchester in 2022

If you would be interested in having a chat, please email us on [email protected]. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

The Essential Parent team