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Essential Parent applies focus group analysis, rigorous testing and evaluations to each phase of production of both content and tech. We work closely with the NHS to make sure we meet all the required standards.
In Summer 2021, Health Innovation Manchester, the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) in Manchester, carried out a 4 month Evaluation of Essential Parent’s eCare project. The results were outstanding. We list a summary of results below, and there is a link to the full report at the bottom.

Proven Effectiveness

Positive response from HCPs

Reaches disadvantaged groups

Time and cost savings

Positive response from service users

High ratings among HCPs for quality and usefulness of content

Registration rates among ethnic minority groups higher than average

ROI of 3.9x based upon time saved for healthcare professionals

Email open rates more than twice the level of average marketing content

What they say….

Essential Parent in a nutshell, this digital system saves much time, provides relevant up to date evidence based information which is standard across the board, is easy to access and generally makes my life much easier with regard to information sharing.

Aileen Keigher, Senior MidwifeTeam Leader, Whittington Hospital

..an excellent resource for parents providing a wealth of easy to access information which can be targeted to meet individual needs.

UNICEF UKBaby Friendly Initiative

Excellent overview of key milestones in everyday care and health, and development of the infant, which will be helpful for all parents.

Dr Deborah HodesRCPCH

An EP trial run by the Whittington & Barts, and presented at an RCOG conference, assessed a new electronic leaflet had been developed for delivery via electronic devices. Parents who used it fed back on its' ease of use and depth of information. All parents who accessed the information

Dr Irene GafsonST7 Obstetrics and Gynaecology registrar, Whittington Health NHS Trust