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Healthcare professionals can deliver tailored and standardised content using one or both of two methods – the App, or the web-based portal.

EP is designed to facilitate the workforce in delivery of information and support through tailored and standardised content using one or both of two methods.  Our EP community of users includes:

– Public health and healthcare practitioners and professionals including health visitors & midwives

– Early Years Practitioners, Educators and other professionals working with Children and Young People

– Schools via School Nursing teams

iOS and Android Mobile App

  • A dedicated Mobile App with your branding, own tile icon, logo, font, colours

  • Available to download from Apple and Google Play stores

  • The app currently has content in 30 languages and by Summer 2024 will be instantly translatable into 75 languages

  • Access to the entire content library – women’s health and health and mental health content for children ages 0-19 years

  • Bundles of content sent out along timelines based on children’s due date or birthdate

  • Each parent has their own dashboard that shows their most recent content/previous bundles

  • Parents will receive Push notifications to drive awareness and engagement with the app

  • There is a great deal of flexibility to add future functionality e.g appointments/podcast library

  • Overall better customer experience and to future-proof your digital asset

How the App works

  • The Essential Parent App delivers automated timelines of content to parents

  • The timeline delivery is set according to the baby’s due date, or birth date and can run as long as needed

  • The parent is alerted to the delivery via a push notification

  • The content bundle looks just the same – a lovely collection of time relevant articles and videos from the Essential Parent library

  • Parents can add more than one child

Web based Portal – eCare

Standardised Pathways

These are pre-selected content bundles, to be sent out at certain time points on the pathway from 0-19 years – for example:

  • Midwifery appointments during pregnancy

  • Health visitor appointments Pregnancy to School

  • Child Development Milestones

Bespoke Selection

Health Care Professionals and teachers can also select additional, specific content for a particular parent. For example: a mother struggling with breastfeeding can be sent a small selection of articles and videos

Leaflet Library

Health Care Professionals will be able to digitally deliver well known NHS and Charity leaflets to parents’ phones, instead of using paper leaflets

How eCare works

The Essential Parent ‘eDelivery’ Software

  • Select videos, articles and leaflets from the library and send to parents via email and text (SMS). Content can be received on smartphones, tablets and computers

  • A record of the information that has been sent will be saved for the sender (practitioner). Public Health teams can use these analytics to analyse and optimise parent engagement

  • The eDelivery system is very easy to use. Its development was based on focus groups with midwives, health visitors, parents and consultants

  • An email opening rate of 76.2% (source GMCA 2023) – compared to the average industry standard of 21% (source – Greater Manchester NHS/ AHSN Evaluation 2022)

The eDelivery System – What Parents Receive

  • Videos, articles and leaflets from the library via email and text (SMS). The content can be received on smartphones, tablets and computers