iOS & Android App

  • A dedicated branded App with own logo, font, colours.

  • Available to download from Apple and Google Play stores.

  • Access to the entire content library – including ages between 0-19 which contains videos and articles as well access bundles of information aligned to the age of their child.

  • Each parent has their own dashboard that shows their most recent content/previous bundles.

  • Parents will receive Push notifications to drive awareness and engagement with the app.

  • There is a great deal of flexibility to add future functionality e.g appointments/podcast library – additional cost.

  • Overall better customer experience and to future-proof your digital asset.

How the App works

  • The Essential Parent App delivers automated timelines of content to parents.

  • The timeline delivery is set according to the baby’s due date, or birth date and can then run until the child is 19 years old.

  • The parent is alerted to the delivery via a push notification.

  • The content bundle looks just the same – a lovely collection of time relevant articles and videos from the Essential Parent library.

  • Parents can add more than one child.