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Digital library and eDelivery system supporting NHS, private healthcare professionals and patients



Our System

  • Essential Parent is an expert-led digital library and eDelivery system that supports professionals and workers in NHS, Local Authorities and private healthcare providers who are working with parents and carers of children and young people

A comprehensive range of articles and videos from world renowned experts. Our agile library system also allows clients add their own content. The app currently has content in 30 languages and by Summer 2024 will be instantly translatable into 75 languages

Healthcare professionals can deliver tailored and standardised content either automatically using an App, or manually using a web-based portal

The EP system enables tracking reporting and analysis of content use


For Healthcare Professionals

  • Improves efficiency of service delivery through automation and reducing time on low level activities
  • Supports standard clinical pathways, based upon latest evidence bundled into pre-defined packages
  • Regular content updates accommodate changes to local and national public health guidance
  • Enables tracking of information delivery for outcome measurement and patient safety

For Service Users

  • Increases engagement and acceptance of professional advice and support due to high quality resources and information design
  • Increases confidence with a single source of trusted and consistent information available through multiple channels
  • Meets user expectations through e-delivery of information and resources designed for flexible and smart use
  • Reduces social inequality of access through multiple languages and easy accessibility

Our Experts

The Essential Parent library follows expert advice from individuals and groups including:

  • The Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • The St John Ambulance
  • The Child Accident Prevention Trust
  • The Samaritans
  • Meningitis Research Trust
  • British Society of Paediatric Dentists
  • Professor Robert Winston
  • And many more – for the full list, please click here.


Evaluated in 2021 by the NHS. Essential Parent achieved excellent results overall, including:

  • ROI of 4:1;
  • increasing efficiencies for health teams;
  • reduction of social inequalities caused by deprivation, language and ethnicity; and
  • increased confidence and understanding for patients

Please click HERE for the full report.

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