Constipation in Babies

About 1 in 3 babies or toddlers will have constipation at some point. It’s really common.

If your baby is not pooing every day or their poo is hard, dry and compacted they may have constipation.

If the poo is in distinct balls, this is constipation. If your baby is really straining to get poo out, that is a symptom as well. This article gives you top tips as to how to prevent and treat your baby’s constipation.

In Short


1)      breastfed babies get less constipation

2)      if you’re formula feeding, never add extra formula, always follow the instructions exactly;

3)      on warm days give extra water/ breastmilk;

4)      weaned babies need lots of water, fresh fruit and vegetables;

Treating constipation

Breastfed babies rarely get constipated. Assuming your baby is on solids or formula fed:

1)     Lots of water

2)     More fresh fruit

More fibre – Baked beans, frozen peas and sweetcorn.

A little bit of fresh orange juice in your baby’s milk or water.

3)     Exercise

4)     Massage your baby’s tummy clockwise

Constipation in Babies

If your baby is not pooing every day or their poo is hard, dry and compacted they may have constipation.

The main reason for constipation in babies is a lack of fluid and this can be due to a variety of reasons;

the formula is not made with the correct amount of water

your baby not having enough to drink when solids are introduced

the weather is warm and your baby is very active.

It is important to realise that your baby’s poo will change in colour, smell and consistency once they begin eating solids, and this is normal but hard poo is not.  If you think your baby has constipation you should speak to your health visitor or GP.

Constipation in Babies Over 6 Months

If your older baby becomes constipated try increasing fluids by offering extra water or diluted fruit juice (5 parts water and one part juice) between meals.

Babies over 6 months need about 800ml of fluid every day. However, do not give them too much milk or squash as these themselves  can cause constipation.

Increasing fruit in babies over 6 months can also  help relieve constipation. Try apple, plums, prunes, apricots, peaches or raspberries.

Gently massaging baby’s abdomen or moving their legs may also help stimulate bowels. Our online course contains a full baby massage that can help with colic and may help to stimulate your baby to poo.

However, prevention is better than the  cure and the best way to avoid constipation in the first place is to offer lots of fluids, fruit and fibre in your weaned baby.   Baked beans, frozen peas and sweetcorn are good and popular sources of fibre with children. Lots of exercises also help.

  • Arone box

    thanks for sharing

  • SY Kang

    my princess also constipated and she even afraid of to go toilet. she complained to me that she felt painful. i tried a lot of home remedies but not working at all. please help us, millions of thanks

    • Essential Parent

      Your doctor may be able to help lubricate and give you a stool softener and help help the poo (and any hard plug at the end) out. I’m so sorry I know how upsetting it is when your LO has constipation

  • Larva Chan

    As mentioned above, try apple, plums, prunes, apricots, peaches or raspberries. It might helps to treat your girl to get rid of constipation issue. I also feed my girl those if she constipated.

  • Gary Tan

    what FM brand you buy for your girl? is it suitable for her? i heard that babies are sensitive with FM, not all the FM brand also suitable one. My children are consuming Friso FM brand which is cheaper than other brands and the important thing is they seldom constipate.

    • SY Kang

      but my SIL’s daughter constipated when she consuming Friso. after switched to other brand then only the problem solved.

  • Bernert Chim

    Previously my son also suffered with constipation issue. He no longer suffer with constipation once he changed different brand

    • SY Kang

      oh i see! which brand that you purchase for your son? mind to share? thanks alot

      • Bernert Chim

        My son is consuming Mamil formula milk brand. You know what? Mamil ingredients contain high level of DHA and 0% sucrose. Also, it helps to softer stools and increase good bacteria so that your child will not suffer in constipation issue.